My photography flaw

I confess I’m not a huge photo taking person.  I never take selfies, and I almost always forget to take a photo of something unless it’s beautiful scenery or a historic site. As a result, my pictures can be somewhat limited in number and scope.  I’m sorry.  I’ve only just realized this flaw in my travel documentation. I’ll try to do better in the future, but for this trip, readers, we’ll just have to make do.


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog…or, to be perfectly honest, my attempt at a blog.  And if we’re really being candid, this isn’t my first attempt.  Yes, I must admit I’m that person….the one who failed miserably at keeping a diary, let alone a blog…the one who started a million projects only to give up on them halfway, leaving a trail of half-knitted items, fabrics, collage items, and sketches in my wake.

So that’s where we’re starting with this blog. Straight up. But we’re also starting with a challenge.  A challenge to keep writing; to keep sharing and interacting.  So here we go, adventuring together….