Discovering Lexington Ave.

Today I meandered down Lexington Avenue; a street I pass frequently, but rarely take the time to explore.

It wasn’t planned or anything, I was just wandering about, wondering where I should go when my feet found my way there.


I absentmindedly scanned window displays and popped in and out of stores perusing the various merchandise each shop offered.

You might think that if Asheville was assigned a single word to describe it, it would be “quirky.”  Which would almost do it, but not quite; somehow, “quirky” falls short of the mark.  A better word would be “original” — this is much more encompassing of the uniqueness and flavor Asheville contains:  From its shops, to its events, to its people, Asheville is original.

The great thing about this originality is that you’ll never know what you’re going to find. Who knew, for example, when I pushed open the funky, red door to Downtown Books & News, I’d meet Luke Skywalker among the bookshelves (haha), DSCN1242or that in Write On, I’d discover journals with pages made of recycled elephant pooh. Yes, you heard me right: RECYCLED. ELEPHANT. POOH. It’s a thing. Apparently.DSCN1244.jpg

I finished off my adventures on Lexington Ave. by following the delicious, curry smells wafting through the air until I reached Mela, a local Indian restaurant.



One lunch buffet later, I was stuffed with delicious food — in particular this amazing, and I mean AMAZING, kale salad. (Can I just take a moment to tell you how heavenly it was? Citrusy, fresh, crunchy, sweet, zesty, cashews, raisins…I’d go back solely for that salad.)  After that I went home, fully satisfied with great, and original, day of adventuring.  🙂


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