A Day for Farmer’s Markets

Today was the day for Farmer’s Markets. It’s not that I haven’t been to these Farmer’s Markets before, but it’s been so long, it’s almost like a new adventure. And this was one of those summer days that makes you happy to be alive — blue skies, sunshine, and just enough breeze to keep you cool.

My first stop was the West Asheville Farmer’s Market where you can find an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and then I headed Downtown where the artist’s booths were filled with wonderfully, amazing handmade art — pottery, wood art, jewelry, and art of every other medium.  A true festival of color, creativity, and happy faces.


Earrings and blackberries…great finds!

Of course all this exploration makes a girl hungry, so I crossed the street to the Chocolate Lounge for some ice cream.  Then, settling down at one of their outside tables, I watched people stroll by and flipped lazily through a copy of the Mountain Xpress.

(Side Note: The Mountain Xpress is a great local resource of articles and happenings around Asheville as well as the location of a challenging crossword.)

DSCN1190 (1)
“Coffee and nibs” ice cream

After an hour of savoring sunshine, ice cream, and crosswords, my rumbling stomach dictated I needed something more substantial.  As I wandered back through the park, my eye caught the Twisted Laurel.  Perfect.

I had never eaten at the Twisted Laurel, but I loved Greek food. Besides, on such a gorgeous day, it was a great place to sit at their outside bar tables and watch the world go by.  Today, there was also the finish line for a bike race nearby, so my meal was periodically punctuated by applause and cyclists gliding in past the flurry of flags.

Gyro platter with greek salad…delicious!

DSCN1198My food was delicious, my conversations with various strangers pleasant, and the time spent simply delightful. These are the kind of days that possess a magical quality in which not much is accomplished, but everything is enjoyed.


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