Piece 3: Killarney National Park

I know most tourists hike the Gap of Dunlop when they go to Killarney, and perhaps, someday, I will too. I have no doubt it is beautiful. But in the height of tourist season, I wasn’t so keen to share my landscape with hundreds of others.


Instead, I explored the National Park.  Sitting just on the edge of Killarney town, I was surprised to find it less cluttered than I had imagined. Except for certain roads punctuated with the occasional clip-clop of the carriage tours, the rest of the Park seemed solely at my disposal. I paused, standing on a slopping hill, and breathed in the scenery: the sweet, grassy fields, the forests, the blue-purple hills, the lakes… all blended together in a perfect harmony that is only born of some deep, long-ago magic.

I would be happy to write and write of my experience in the Park, but sometimes, a picture tells it best.  Enjoy. 🙂





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