The 3 Pieces of Killarney

Killarney — in full summer — is a throng of tourist packed streets, music, and color. It projects a vibrancy specially designed to attract the tourist like bees to the honeypot.  And of course, its location, tucked among the green mountains and sparkling lakes of Kerry, speaks for itself.

Each person’s encounter with a place is uniquely their own, and for me, it is no different.  Killarney (and the reason I return to it) is complied of a series of special attractions. The three, in particular, I have chosen to share in the coming posts are Petit Delice Bakery, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the Killarney National Park.

It may sound silly to write only on these select few, when there is so much more to Killarney, but this is my experience.  And while I throughly enjoyed following a lively trail of music into a pub, or meandering through the town peering in shop windows, the places I have selected are especially memorable to me.  They are the pieces that stand out; that shape my encounter with Killarney.  And when other memories around them fade, these three are the ones I will spread out on a cold winter’s night and remember with fondness.


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