Piece 1: Petit Delice

Petit Delice was a fantastic discovery I made one afternoon in Killarney. It’s slightly off the beaten path, which means that even in the height of July, odds are you can still find a quiet corner to sit in.

photo borrowed from trip advisor

The afternoon was one of those “soft” Irish days where the rain comes down in a gentle misting sheet rather than individual drops. Weary of the streets and the drizzle, I began craving a hot mug of coffee and a cosy hideout.

From the moment you step inside Petit Delice, you immediately leave the busy hustle and rush of the streets, and are wrapped in soothing, rustic ambience and delightful smells. Fresh croissants, wedges of pie, cookies, tarts,  and an abundance of other breads and delicacies filled the glass counters.

photo borrowed from trip advisor

The only problem you will have in this place is there are so many choices and they all look fantastically delicious.

After deliberating over the offerings and finally selecting a decadent chocolate tart, I ordered my cappuccino, and nestled down at one of the wooden tables.

My steaming cappuccino clasped in my hands, the taste of chocolate tart on my tongue, and a book to keep me company, I was perfectly content.  Outside the world strolled by without a passing thought, while inside time seemed to slow.  The murmur of soft music, the smell of coffee, and the gentle clink of mugs on saucers filled the room. People leaned towards each other, chatting amicably over their coffee; their plates holding crumbled traces of delicious treats.

photo borrowed from Petit Delice

Sound fantastic?  Don’t take my word for it.  Visit yourself….and enjoy.  🙂





The 3 Pieces of Killarney

Killarney — in full summer — is a throng of tourist packed streets, music, and color. It projects a vibrancy specially designed to attract the tourist like bees to the honeypot.  And of course, its location, tucked among the green mountains and sparkling lakes of Kerry, speaks for itself.

Each person’s encounter with a place is uniquely their own, and for me, it is no different.  Killarney (and the reason I return to it) is complied of a series of special attractions. The three, in particular, I have chosen to share in the coming posts are Petit Delice Bakery, St. Mary’s Cathedral, and the Killarney National Park.

It may sound silly to write only on these select few, when there is so much more to Killarney, but this is my experience.  And while I throughly enjoyed following a lively trail of music into a pub, or meandering through the town peering in shop windows, the places I have selected are especially memorable to me.  They are the pieces that stand out; that shape my encounter with Killarney.  And when other memories around them fade, these three are the ones I will spread out on a cold winter’s night and remember with fondness.