Of Pubs and Music

Kilkenny is a great town for music. In the evenings, some fellow travelers and I would simply stroll around the downtown; lazily deciding which pub we would land in for the night.  That’s the wonderful thing about pub music…there’s no cover charge, so you can literally wander the cobblestone streets popping your head into different pubs. And when you hear something you like, you can sit down, order a pint, and stay for a while.

And the variety of music in Kilkenny is extensive – especially considering it’s not that large of a town.  So despite differences in musical preference, you are almost guaranteed to find something you’ll enjoy.

During my stay I listened to traditional Irish music (which also featured some Irish dancing), contemporary folk and bluegrass, blues & rock and roll, and – although I didn’t go into the pub — nearly had my ears blasted out by loud rock music as we walked by.  🙂

And the best thing?  All of this is within an easy walkable distance…all of this is available for the price of a pint.  So the next time you are in Kilkenny, don’t worry about going to a particular pub; just go out. Stroll the streets and have a listen…go where the music calls you.  🙂


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