St. Canice’s Cathedral

St. Canice’s  – Gothic cathedral, and home of the best preserved round towers in Ireland.  (And I might add, one of the key tourist sites in Kilkenny.)  If you love architecture, it’s worth a visit in that regards alone, as the Cathedral dates from the 13th century and the round tower is even older.  And although, I personally did not pay the entry fee to go inside or climb the tower, I thoroughly enjoyed strolling the Cathedral grounds, reading gravestones….  Some were faded illegibly; others lichen covered.  And still more clean and recent; with flowers laid by their gravestones showing the grief felt by their loved ones.

That’s what’s beautiful about walking around this Cathedral.  Over 800 years of stories are buried on these grounds….people who lived, loved, and worshiped in this place.  You can feel the history.


And check out this tower!  Perhaps proof as to how it was feasible to keep Rapunzel in a tower so long?   😉


(Note: it is a long, narrow climb to the top of this 30 meter (~98 feet) tower – do not undertake if you get claustrophobic.)

This is just me being nerdy about architecture, but this door is SO cool I had to share!


And finally…. Sometimes, unexpectedly, you find an image that is simply poetic: life and death twined together…. Life growing in the very heart of  stone.



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