Walking in Kilkenny

Someone once said, “Walk until you feel like a local.”   When I first arrived in Kilkenny, I did just that.  Walked and wandered my way up streets and around corners, peering into shop windows or aimlessly browsing the merchandise they had for sale.

Kilkenny has a cheerful, bustling feel, and although touristy, is by no means as cluttered as some of the other highly touristed towns of Ireland (ie. Killarney).  And it is so walkable; the entire downtown an easy stroll filled with brightly colored shops and pubs.  And when I was tired of my meandering, I sat down in a small cafe, sipped a cappuchino, and simply watch the world go by.

Kilkenny only has a few major tourist sites and I suppose many could argue it’s not worth staying for more than a night.  In fact, many of Kilkenny’s tourists simply glide in on a tour bus, see Kilkenny Castle, snap a few photos, and then go on their way.  But I believe that sometimes it is worth getting to know a place, and for me, Kilkenny was one of those places.  I stayed there five days and, perhaps, even enjoyed it more the longer I stayed.

Of I certainly enjoyed the tourists sites (more later), but I also found pleasure in smaller, simpler things: a bench in the sunshine, browsing the bookshelves of a charity shop to find a book worth reading, a stroll along the river, listening to a talented musician….  Life  – and holidays — don’t have to be a constant barrage of entertainment; sometimes the best parts are made from small, wonderful moments.





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